Wiebke Elzel

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Beale Trail—Documents of a Chase
photographs (archival pigment prints, each 42 × 62 cm), videos, documents, found objects, 2011

Exhibition views: Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung, Hohenlockstedt, 2011
DOKU_Beale Trail

DOKU_Beale Trail2

DOKU_Beale Trail2

DOKU_Beale Trail8

Former Building of the Virginian Book and Job Print, Lynchburg, Virginia, July 9, 2011
Virginian Book and Job Print

Newspaper Article from the Lynchburg Virginian, April 15, 1885 (facsimile)

Archive of the Courthouse in Fincastle, Botetourt County, Virginia, July 18, 2011
Archive Fincastle

Title Page of The Beale Papers, Friedman`s Papers, Marshall Research Library, Lexington, Virgina
Beale Papers

Beale Cipher No. 1, Friedman`s Papers, Marshall Research Library, Lexington, Virgina
Beale Cipher

Beale Box, Virginia Room, Roanoke Public Libraries, Roanoke, Virginia, July 14, 2011
Beale Box

From the Magazine Treasure World, 1968
Treasure World

Sharp Top, Peaks of Otter, Bedford County, Virginia, July 15, 2011
Sharp Top

Title Page of the Argosy Magazine from 1964
Argosy Magazine

Remains of Buford´s Tavern, Montvale, Virginia, July 11, 2011
Buford`s Tavern

Beale Trail, Video, 3:56 min, Bedford County, Virgina, 2011

From the series “Excavations or Vaults”, 2011

Exhibition view: The Beale Papers Pamphlet, Video, 1:51 min, 2011

Video stills from: The Beale Papers Pamphlet (A Conversation with Dr. Matyas), July 21, 2011
Beale Papers Pamphlet

Beale Papers Pamphlet

Beale Papers Pamphlet

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